Playstation 3/Steam Trophies and Xbox 360 AchievementsEdit

Shoot Many RobotsEdit

"Kill 10000 robots!"

Get 10,000 robot kills over the course of the game, whether online or offline.

Shoot Some RobotsEdit

"Kill 100 robots!"

Simply get 100 robot kills over the course of the game, online or offline.

Happy 50th, WalterEdit

"Reach level 50!"

Have your Walter character reach experience level 50.

Greetings, Earth CitizensEdit

"Beat a mission wearing the astronaut helmet and backpack!"

Complete any mission with the astronaut helmet and E.V.A. backpack gear equipped on your character.

Lookie, Many StarsEdit

"Get 75 stars!"

Acquire a cumulative total of 75 stars or more from the star ratings of each mission you've completed.

Dominate at FatherhoodEdit

"Beat a mission wearing the baby carrier!"

Complete any mission with the baby carrier gear equipped.

Slotally Tober SaughterEdit

"Complete a mission on hard or insane without dying or drinking juice!"

Complete a mission from the Hard or Insane adventures without dying or drinking any health juice.

Punch Many Bullets!Edit

"Punch two bullets, killing two robots, with one melee swing!"

Use one melee swing to strike and deflect two bullets, that kill two robots.

Lower Carbon FootprintEdit

"Destroy a robot overlord in multiplayer"

Defeat one of the 'robot overlord' boss characters (that are at the end of the last factory-style missions) while playing in an online (or offline?) [citation needed] multiplayer party.

Get Over ItEdit

"Revive other players 8 times!"

While playing online or offline in multiplayer, revive an incapacitated fellow player by briefly holding L2 on PS3 (Q on PC) or LB on the Xbox 360 [citation needed] while standing over them. Acquire 8 revives over the course of the game.

Make Many FriendsEdit

"Have someone you invite join you in an online game!"

Send an in-game invite over PSN, Xbox Live or Steam to another gamer, and have them join your game.

Number One TugnutEdit

"Come in 1st in a four player mission!"

When playing multiplayer with four players, place 1st in Nut score after finishing a mission. The Nut score does not include bonus Nuts acquired from Nut sacks.