It seems as if the DLC for Shoot Many Robots has been cancelled...

Shoot Many Robots DLC Canceled Article

The following is an official statement from one of the developers, Justin Lokey...

"A lot of people have been asking, and we didn’t want to announce anything until we knew for sure whether we would be able to release DLC for Shoot Many Robots.

Unfortunately, work on DLC for Shoot Many Robots has been put on indefinite hold. We want to apologize for not being able to deliver more game to our fans - nobody wants to expand on the world of Shoot Many Robots more than we do. We’d like to thank our fans for letting us know how much they wanted DLC - it’s humbling and gratifying to know that so many people were anxious for an excuse to shoot more evil toasters!

We learned a lot from our first game, which will help us make our next ones that much better. One of those key lessons is to focus on strong community involvement, and we’re going to start adopting player feedback into our games right from the start of development. We hope that if you liked Shoot Many Robots you’ll stick around and help us craft our next game.