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Shoot Many Robots is a game developed by Demiurge Studios and published by Ubisoft. It released on March 13, 2012 for PlayStation Network and March 14, 2012 for Xbox LIVE Arcade. The PC/Steam version will be released in April 6th 2012.


P. Walter Tugnut, a hillbilly who lives in the countryside of a rural area in his dilapidated RV, has several weapons, ammunition, and beer, awaiting the eventual robot apocalypse. One day, a previously abandoned Chernobyl-style factory begins producing robots on its own. This is the day that Walter has been waiting for his entire life. He sets off in his RV on a robot-killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of deadly robot menaces.


Shoot Many Robots is a "2.5-D" side-scrolling run-n-gun shooter that supports co-op up to 4 players online and 2 players locally.

RPG ElementsEdit

Walter levels up by killing robots to gain experience. Leveling up gives Walter more health and increased damage, as well as granting access to new Gear and Weapons, which affect various stats and sometimes allows Walter to use special abilites.

Combat & Special AbilitiesEdit

Walter can use many different types of Weapons to fight and kill robots, as well as melee combat. Walter can punch robots to knock them back and inflict damage. Walter can also punch certain rockets shot by robots back at the enemy to inflict damage. Some Gear gives Walter special abilities:

  • Slide: Walter slides into robots, knocking them into the air. He can shoot while performing this move. Leg items typically grant this ability.
  • Hangtime: Walter glides through the air, slowing his descent. He can shoot while performing this move. Back items typically grant this ability.
  • Slam: Walter jumps and slams into the ground, inflicting damage on enemies and knocking them back in all directions. Head items typically grant this ability.

Power UpsEdit

Power Ups are dropped randomly by robots killed by Walter. They drop more frequently when the Combo Meter is higher and grant temporary abilities or refill consumable items. Multiple Power Ups can be picked up at the same time and their perks stack on top of Walter's stats from equipped items.

  • Speed: Walter's running speed is increased.
  • Critical Hits: All weapon damage inflicted will be critical hits (typically 3x damage).
  • Melee Damage: Walter's melee damage is increased.
  • Secondary Ammo: Walter's secondary weapon ammo is replenished.
  • Health: Walter's health is replenished.


Nuts are dropped by robots when they are killed, and function as the game's currency to buy new Weapons and Gear. They are also tied to the point system in which players are awarded a 1-to-5 star rating based on how many nuts were collected in the level. More nuts can be gained by keeping the Combo Meter high throughout a level. The meter multiplies the number of Nuts dropped by robots up to 5 times.


Loot crates are hidden throughout levels that randomly drop Weapons and Gear coupons or Nuts. Finding a coupon unlocks the item for purchase in the store. Loot can occasionally also be dropped randomly by certain robots.

Game ModesEdit

There are two basic mission types: Run-n-Gun and Survival. Run-n-Gun is a linear-style gameplay with Walter fighting robots and trying to reach the end of the level. Survival mode takes place in smaller levels and pits Walter against waves of robot hordes. Each of these mission types appears within Adventures of three difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, and Insane.


Walter refills his health by drinking beer. By default, he carries up to three of them, but some Gear will expand the amount that he can carry. Health regenerates to the halfway mark (if the player does not continue to receive damage for a few seconds). In co-op mode, Walter is able to revive his teammates if they become incapacitated.


There are five distinct environments in Shoot Many Robots, and each Mission take place in one of these 5:

  • Farmlands
  • Cliffs
  • Oil Fields
  • City
  • Factory


Shoot Many Robots Annoucement Trailer Europe

Shoot Many Robots Annoucement Trailer Europe


As shown in beta concepts, the game had a much more serious plot and story, unlike the humoristic-style it has in the final version of the game.

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