The Hot Rod is a large, Arachnid shaped robot that serves as a mini-boss during certain adventures, often transported via Gas Bags due to it's rather large size.

Once on the ground, the Hot Rod will station itself and begin to fire at the player from close or fare distances. The robot has multiple legs, allowing it to move quickly towards the player if the player gets close, and its upper torso consists of a massive Gatling shaped gun that fires a steady stream of bullets at the players general direction.

As tough as the Hot Rod may sound, they do have a flaw in their mechanics that can be easily used to your advantage. Once they target the player, they can only shoot in that direction until they stop firing and re-aim, allowing the player to quickly jump out of the way to prevent being shot. 

When coming up against a Hot Rod, try to get your hands on a gun that either fires explosive projectiles or has good range, such as a rocket launcher or Sniper rifle. If you only have a shotgun or SMG at your side, be prepared to jump and dodge often.