Portal Turret SMR

The Portal turret is a robot that only appears when Dr. Freeman's glasses and H.E.V. suit are worn, the back gear has no influence on wether the Portal turret appears or not. It is not required to wear both, but it does increase the chance of the turret appearing.

It appears as a white, oval shaped object with three legs and a red eye. It opens its oval shaped body when it is about to shoot at the player.

Since all robots have standard locations on every level, Portal turrets replace the Tankbot.

The Portal turret always drops either a box of new gear, weapons, or a bag of nuts.


  • The Portal turret is originally from the game Portal, a game made by Valve. The items you need to make the turret appear, which are not from Portal, but from the Half-Life series (also made by Valve).
  • The portal turret is the only white robot in the game.