The Robot Overlord is the main boss encountered in every Robot factory adventure, and although it has no weapons to attack with, the Overlord is a hard to beat enemy.

The Overlord uses the room it is built into as a weapon, moving the floor panels up and down to confuse the player and trap them in devastatingly powerful jets of fire producing from the mechanics below. It also uses laser emitting arms to harm the player and/or force them into difficult situations, where the player may be trapped between the two lasers and have to defend themselves from waves of Chopper's at the same time.

The Robot Overlord appears as a heap of metal, with a single, large, red eye. The Overlord emerges out of a steel, protective plate from a wall just above the player and will retreat back behind this protective plate more frequently the more damaged it becomes. It bears a slight resemblance GLaDOS from the game Portal 2, as does its role in the factory; a central AI ruling over the factory and everything that happens within.