The Tankbot

Tankbot is a stout, boxy robot equipped
Tankbot trailer
with a cannon that fires explosive projectiles at the player.
 A Tankbot rarely moves, only occasionally making short hops towards better vantage points, and its only method of attack is to fire a systematic, slow stream of homing missiles.


A Tankbot only has one form of attack in the form of missiles that it fires at Walter from different vantage points on the map. These missiles must be shot down or dodged rather than deflected. If Walter should attempt to deflect these missiles, they will simply explode upon impact, extensively damaging Walter's health bar.

On harder difficulty settings, or towards later parts of the game, Tankbots will start appearing in more hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath bridges that must be crossed or on higher elevated platforms where shooting directly ahead may not be an option.


When confronted by any number of Tankbots, one of the keys to survival is to stay on the move. A good idea is to either dodge or avoid as many missiles as possible or shoot them down, as only two or three of them have enough explosive power to kill Walter. Another good tactic is to maneuver in close and perform a melee attack, which will knock a Tankbot on its back and leave it temporarily helpless and unable to fire missiles. This will provide some time to either finish it off or focus on more serious and immediate threats. However, should a flipped Tankbot be left alone for too long, it will jump back up and resume firing.

Another tactic when fighting Tankbots is to get behind them. A Tankbot's weakness is its backside, where its engine and internal mechanics are located and exposed. Damage head-on is almost always reduced by the steel protective plate.