The Chopper is a short, 
Chopper trailer
fast-crawling, six legged robot equipped with a large chainsaw that it uses to carve up its victims.

There are many versions of the Chopper, similar to other robots encountered throughout the adventures. Each version is progressively stronger and superior than the last. All Choppers are classed by a color, starting from olive drab green, to light yellow, to dark red, and finally navy blue. The superiority chain uses three basic characteristics to distinguish the different versions. A superior version will always be slightly faster, with greater health and stronger attacks.


The Chopper on its own is no threat, but when grouped with dozens of others they can become a true challenge, and there is no adventure that doesn't have them running all over the place.

Choppers are very predictable robots, with presumably a very low level of AI in comparison to other robots encountered in the game. They will always attack by lunging towards Walter with their chainsaw. The damage caused by one Chopper alone on lower difficulties is insignificant, but when being attacked from multiple directions, Walter may find his health bar quickly dwindle down to nothing in a matter of seconds.


A good way to prevent Choppers from attacking is to use a gun with good knock-back. Although shotguns aren't the optimal choice for anything beyond five feet, a good shotgun can easily blast back an entire group of Choppers with one shot. Other weapons with a similar effect are those that fire explosive projectiles, as the explosive force will generally either completely destroy, or at the least knock back Choppers in droves.

Another way to keep Walter safe when facing swarms of this enemy is to stay high above ground. Unlike other robots in the game, Choppers can only move across the ground and cannot take to the air. They also don't have any form of ranged weaponry, therefore jet packs and other hovering equipment will prove invaluable when facing a horde of Choppers.

Appearances in other gamesEdit

The Chopper model below was a promotional item found in Team Fortress 2 for those who pre-ordered Shoot Many Robots through Steam before the sixth of April. It is simply a decorative item, under the name of "scrap pack".